How it works

We wrap trucks with your artwork; they travel their normal route with your message. Depending on your goals, we will work with the trucking company on your behalf to get the best exposure. Pricing depends on the truck’s size and how long the campaign runs. The cost of printing and installation is included in your flat monthly rate.

Get the most out of your ads

We have relationships with trucking companies and pair you with the right truck and route based on your goals. Submit the artwork to us, and we’ll take it from there. Truckside advertising isn’t anything new, but advertising on trucks you don’t own is. Most truckside advertising has been done with companies operating their distribution channels…until now! Use smaller box trucks to deliver your message locally – in large urban areas or large tractor-trailers to spread your reach regionally or nationally.
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You’ll pay a flat monthly fee, which includes the cost of the wrap, the installation, and future removal. Pricing depends on the size of the truck, and how long the campaign runs.

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We put beacons on every truck to create geofences that allow us to validate impression counts via mobile data and provide those mobile ID’s back to the advertiser for digital retargeting.

Submit your artwork

Review our spec sheet for art requirements and how to submit artwork.If you are designing the ad, we have also included a template to get your art just right.